Ground floor Investment in our Animated Series that will educate kids and teach them about our environment

Imagine if someone asked you to invest in Pixar Animation Studios when it was just a start up. You may have missed Pixar, but you don't have to miss Wayout Kids and their new animated series. Get in on the ground floor and make an investment in our early stage seed funding round.

Rodney Raccoon Animated Series

Rodney Raccoon in “Special Delivery” is the first episode based on a series of children’s books featuring Rodney Raccoon and his friends Boogie Bear, Tami Tiger and Rochell Raccoon. The 2D animated series is 78 x 7. Created by JD Davis, the show features music and songs produced by award winning producers. Set in the Sky Dome Science Museum with colorful graphics, cool beats, and engaging content this show is sure capture the hearts of young audiences and win approval of parents and educators alike.


We created four unique young characters for the series, with each having a unique personality that will appeal to different kinds of children. An entirely new setting was developed for the show as well; the Sky Dome Science Museum. This is the perfect setting to learn about the many environments on our planet and the creatures that inhabit them!

Be apart of a digital revolution where diversity, quality, entertainment, and education intersect. Are you ready to bring environmental education to the next generation?


Invest in the next cartoon character icon Rodney Raccoon!

An Exciting New Concept in Children's Entertainment

Hovering above the city is the Sky Dome Science Museum, a gigantic replica of earths most beautiful ecosystems. Here Rodney Raccoon and his crew, under the tutelage of Professor Batfish, explore and unravel some of the worlds most complex enviro problems. Well, at least they think so.

Rodney Raccoon Animated Series

Educating Kids about our Environment

Environmental issues are more important to our planet than ever. But young children need to understand the basics of our natural environment before they can hope to grasp these issues. So we wanted to create a show that would teach them in a way they could understand while also being entertaining.

Rodney Raccoon Children's Television Show

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Rodney Raccoon TV Show